Setting the mood with your date

A gesture performed simply for the purpose of romance is the epitome of romance. When it comes to seducing a woman, if you want to make a very good impression, you will want to do everything possible to create a romantic date without waiting for a special occasion. Besides, there is no rule that says you have to wait for a certain day or time.

This particular piece of advice requires getting to know your lady a little and knowing what she likes and dislikes. But you don’t need to know her like the back of your hand to have a really romantic evening together. The most important thing is to consider what you know she finds romantic and do your best to create that for her. The very fact that you thought of her and wanted to seduce her out of the blue will impress her and make her feel really special.

Many of these suggestions require relatively little preparation time. Remember that sometimes it’s the smallest gesture that will make a woman feel really special. The first romantic setting is a candlelight picnic in a park or other quiet place. This will make your wife feel special. There is no need for a special occasion. It is also easy to arrange a picnic with a bottle of wine, cheese, strawberries, whatever you both want.

If you have a portable CD player, you can bring it along with a romantic music disc and you will have an evening you will both remember. Don’t forget to check the weather and don’t forget to bring the blanket!

The next suggestion I have is good for any weather, a good candlelit meal of your favourite dishes and a dessert at home. When you prepare this evening, make sure to put on soft, romantic music and drink a good bottle of wine. Her favourite flowers would be an extra touch. This meal can be prepared by you or ordered and picked up in a restaurant.

As long as you take care to choose what she likes, it will be a great success! If your restaurant tends to be a bit messy, take the time to clean it up to prevent her from tripping over your tennis shoes or sports bag.